Tomoya Takashima

Representative Director / Animation Director

Started making orders for freelance animation from college.
He has received many awards such as the ASIAGRAPH Excellence Award, including the Brawl Stars TV Award Grand Prix.

After working as a designer / director for 3 years at CG Production.
Launched a new limited liability company, Tomovies, with volunteers.

The main works are “Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia”, “Working Buddies!”, “Kagewani-“, and “Yamishibai”.

Lecturer calendar

  • (Lecture) Digital Hollywood Tokyo Main School Direction Theory (3 times in total) 2019
  • (Lecture) Digital Hollywood Tokyo Main School Scenario Laboratory (7 times in total) 2019
  • (Lecture) “15th Work School” sponsored by NPO corporation
  • (Lecture) Tokyo Polytechnic University General Media Introduction 2018

Appearance calendar

  • “Hataoni x Kagewani x Wooser-Dokidoki Animaru must- @ Asagaya Loft”
  • “Kagewani Live Screening 2.8 Sarugaku Night Tour” Talk Event, Interview, etc.
  • “Working brother! 2! 』Preliminary screening talk event, reading session, etc.
  • “Working brother! 』Wonfes 2018 Winter Talk Event
  • “Working brother! 』Preliminary screening talk event
  • “Kagewani-” Sacrifice Ceremony 2016 Winter @ Osaka “” TOHO Cinemas Namba 200 people mobilized
  • “Kagewani-” Ceremony of 2016 “Summer 2016” mobilized 400 people at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku
  • “USAT Button Touch Screening” Talk Event
  • Internet radio interview that talks about anime
  • Nippon Cultural Broadcasting “Super! A & G +” “Anigera! Didoon !!!” Guest appearance
  • NHK Image Nation Appearance Studio Interview Tenka Unification CG General 2 Appearance
  • BABY SMAP Appearance Interview Brawl Stars TV Appearance Interview
  • BS Digital Stadium Rarecho Selection Appearance
  • BS Digital Stadium Tange Minoki Selection Appearance